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Who Relies on First Choice Repair?

Hardhat RightHomeowners who want the entire repair process managed for them.

When disaster strikes, we strike back.

There’s a hole in the roof...the gutters are torn down...water damage inside...the floors are ruined...or there is smoke throughout.

Now what?

You could leave it up to the next “sales guy” who knocks on your door. You could make numerous calls to get estimates from general contractors, drying companies, roofers, plumbers, and other handymen — all of this while hoping you can work it all out with your insurance provider.

Or, you can make one call. The right call.

Call First Choice at (800) 587-4243.



“A 10 rating, if not an 11, these guys were early in the morning and worked diligently throughout the day. So respectful, I even made them brownies.”

— Tim H., Highland Ranch, Colorado



Measure LeftFrom an everyday leaky pipe or catastrophic roof repair to everything in between, you can cast all of your worries on First Choice Repair.

That kind of Olympian attitude combined with our intense program management assures everyone benefits. That’s why we’re managed repair in overdrive.

Whether you need a solution to a catastrophic event, a full restoration, or simply an everyday repair, just look at the burden we’ll lift from your shoulders:

We’ll arrange for one of our certified contractors to meet with you.

We’ll review all written estimates for you to ensure they are fair and accurate.

We’ll have you authorize all work before it begins, so you’ll never have an unwelcomed surprise.

All of your challenges will be solved with everyone involved — insurance carriers, adjusters and contractors — with rapid response and quality repair.

Plus — you’ll be covered by our Iron Clad Warranty™, the strongest warranty in the industry.

With your Iron Clad Warranty™, you get the security of knowing that an additional layer of protection for your home is there should you need it.

Our Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Respect, and Enthusiasm convey everything you get from First Choice Repair. That’s our ICARE Culture.

Call us at (800) 587-4243 to discover all of the benefits you’ll receive.