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Who Relies on First Choice Repair?

Paint Brush RightContractors who want to be a part of the nation’s premier managed repair network.

Mother Nature has nothing on us...from the unexpected kitchen fire to the sudden storm that wreaks havoc in a neighborhood...we can handle it.

But homeowners are vulnerable. When repairs are needed, they can almost feel the “vultures” circling.

If they see you as “one of those guys,” your intentions could be questioned.

That’s why you need to join our team.



“My previous experience was not so good with prior contractors. However, I am so amazed with this experience.  The final product looks better than before. The contractor went the extra mile and did just as he promised. My neighbor works on roofs himself and watched as they did my roof. He was impressed with the quality of the roof materials used.”

— Peter C., Georgetown, Texas



Wood Finish LeftFrom an everyday leaky pipe to a catastrophic roof repair, or anything in between, you can cast all of your worries on First Choice Repair.

That kind of Olympian attitude combined with our intense program management assures everyone benefits.  That’s why we’re managed repair in overdrive.

Your association with First Choice Repair is a “seal of approval” that you’re part of an elite group of companies with the highest standards and ethics.

After all, you are the face of First Choice Repair. We are partners in delivering a promise of quality to everyone we do business with.

Plus — you’ll get all the benefits First Choice Repair offers you, including:

First Choice Repair’s endorsement as a vetted and prequalified service provider.

Professional marketing materials to help you get more business.

Referrals from our call center, where we schedule appointments with the homeowner for you.

In-depth training to participating contractors — so you get more conversions.

Mediation with any homeowner’s issues to ensure a fair solution.

Prompt payment processing to reduce lag time on your receivables.

And with our convenient mobile app, on-site results are at your fingertips. It makes uploading, tracking, and sharing information as easy as pushing a button.

First Choice Repair contractors experience high closing ratios because of our extensive marketing program and benefits to the policyholder, increasing your net margin.

Our Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Respect, and Enthusiasm convey everything you get from First Choice Repair. That’s our ICARE Culture.

Call us at (800) 587-4243 to discover all of the benefits you’ll receive.