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Who Relies on First Choice Repair?

Stucko2 RightAdjusters and agents who want to make their lives easier.

There’s just been a big storm. Now, everybody’s calling.

You have a stack of claims a mile high, and they’re all waiting on you.

You bear many heavy responsibilities. And when you look in the mirror, you want to be rock-solid certain that you have done everything right to help your policyholders.

That’s why you need First Choice Repair.



“This is the first time I've ever had to file any type of claim like this. The contractors did exactly what they said they would do. Everything went smoothly. I was very satisfied with the process and results.”

— Richard L., Memphis, Tennessee



Stain LeftFrom an everyday leaky pipe to a catastrophic roof repair, or anything in between, you can cast all your worries on First Choice Repair.

You’ll get a proven turnkey solution for your clients that consistently raises customer satisfaction ratings for our carriers.

It’s all the result of our Olympian attitude and intense program management that assures everyone benefits.

Your clients will get a certified contractor on their job to confirm all work is performed to code, on time, and on budget. That means faster settlements, fewer hassles, and more satisfaction for everyone all the way around.

Plus — you’ll get all the benefits First Choice Repair offers you, including:

Estimates with line item detail

Photos and all necessary diagrams and measurements

Verification that all work is done to building codes and is of the highest quality

Carrier-preferred estimating systems

Accurate estimates because you work directly with our review team

And with our convenient mobile app, on-site results are at your fingertips. It makes uploading, tracking, and sharing information as easy as pushing a button.

Plus, our Iron Clad Warranty™ is the strongest warranty in the industry.

With your Iron Clad Warranty™, you get the security of knowing that an additional layer of protection for your home is there should you need it.

Our Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Respect, and Enthusiasm convey everything you get from First Choice Repair. That’s our ICARE Culture.

Call us at (800) 587-4243 to discover all of the benefits you’ll receive.